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Donna Ballard Phibbs, the owner and creator of Country Nook Crafts, was born and has lived most of her life in northern Alberta.  After a career with the Alberta Government, she now gets to devote her time to something she has always loved to do….Create Art.

Donna has done ceramics and many other types of crafts. She began working with glass to design and create functional and abstract pieces.  She never knows what’s going to come out of the kiln, but loves putting colors and shapes together to create a unique piece.

Always looking at pictures or objects, Donna is inspired to create something similar in glass.  Constantly seeking new techniques, she attends seminars and classes to perfect her craft. She’s found that sometimes just talking about a thought can manifest itself into a unique piece.


Many of the items shown here can be done in different colors. If you are interested in a particular piece and would like it in a different color(s), or perhaps a different shape or size, please Contact Me at:

Please also include a telephone or contact number and I will endeavor to get back to you within 24 hours whenever possible. We can then discuss your needs and what I think may be possible.

Glass fusing is a process of putting glass into a kiln at temperatures of up to 1500F.
Donna only uses glass with a COE of 96 which means each piece of glass she uses heats and cools at the same rate so it will not crack.

The process starts with sheet glass which is cut to a specific shape and size; stacked into layers and fused together in the kiln for up to 16 hours. The pieces are then slumped into ceramic molds and fired in the kiln for another 6-12hours.

No two pieces are ever identical, as no two pieces of glass are ever the same.

I like to create functional pieces so we will always have a stock of bowls and serving dishes, but the colors will vary.

Recycled items such as cheese/crackers serving items created from wine bottles can be personalized upon request and I have a stock of them already slumped.

April 29, 2021
Special of the month

Glass Bottle Cheese and Cracker Dish with Label $22.50

Glass Bottle Cheese and Cracker Dish with Label $22.50