W/ LABEL $25.00 CAD

Added Writing $35.00 CAD

Glass Bottle CANDY DISH

W/ LABEL $25.00 CAD

Added Writing $35.00 CAD

Glass Bottle SPOON REST

W/ LABEL $25.00 CAD

Added Writing $35.00 CAD

If you have a special wine bottle you wish slumped, please clean the bottle and contact me to arrange how to ship etc. Bottle must be clean and dry before you ship.

Please Contact Donna before ordering if you have any questions.


  • Cheeseboards can vary depending on the bottle but are approximately 12” long x 4.5” wide.
  • Candy dishes are approximately 11” long x 4” wide. Spoon rests are approximately 12” long x 4” wide.
  • Wine and cheese are NOT included in the purchase.


Hand wash only, no microwave, stove or oven. Due to the recycled nature of these pieces, color and size may vary slightly.

For custom cheeseboards:

Please forward the writing you wish to add, color of writing, dates, etc. and add these in the ‘Add Writing Instructions’ when selecting your payment method on PayPal’s website.

Fully functional cheese boards, spoon rests and candy dishes are made from 100% recycled glass.

Each bottle is carefully cleaned, the paper label taken off or plastic label is left intact. The bottle is then slumped in a kiln for up to 8 hours and emerges as one of a kind platter.

These are great as a conversation piece at your next gathering. The cheeseboards are an exquisite backdrop for cheese, crackers, fruit or vegetables.

Each cheeseboard can include a stainless steel spreader (spreader may vary from photograph), a wire hook in bottle neck for hanging and rubber pads to prevent scratching surfaces or slipping.